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Olive Landscaping and Fencing, local Bundaberg landscapers, are able to transform your ordinary backyard into the extraordinary outdoor entertaining area and garden you've always dreamt of.
Well-designed, usable outdoor living areas and outdoor spaces add value to your home and ensure that you and your family enjoy life at home.

Olive Landscaping and Fencing offers a wide variety of services to ensure that your available outdoor space and garden best suits your lifestyle.

Dependent on the number of children, pets, family members, work colleagues, neighbours, friends or freeloaders you entertain Michael Olive, owner of Olive Landscaping and Fencing, can design and construct that perfect outdoor entertaining area and garden you've always dreamt of.

Michael can successfully complete every aspect of your landscaping project at a fair and competitive price. From the construction of decks, pergolas and fences to building retaining walls, constructing and planting gardens, preparing and laying turf, Olive Landscaping and Fencing will provide you with a quality, well—built finished product that more than satisfies your needs and outlasts the rest. Michael and his highly skilled team are not afraid to work and no job is too big.

Call Michael anytime on 0422 11 58 11 for advice or a free quote on any outdoor project. Olive Landscaping and Fencing — We'll work when others can't.
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