Let's do different

Who do we work for?

We have been involved in numerous major projects in the Bundaberg and surrounding regions, from:

  • Full High-rise landscapes (Dwell Bargara, Manta Bargara, The Point Bargara, Miller St, Bargara beach hotel/motel);
  • Complete residential site development, Industrial and /Commercial works, (water treatment/plasterboard factory);
  • Council Street Scapes & beautification projects (Gin Gin, Burnett Heads)
  • Local Business fencing (Greensill Green waste project, Berajondo transport)

and many many more

Over this time an average of 10,000 km of fencing has been erected, in all different forms.

Our legislative expertise

Being in business, both Commercial and domestic, it is imperative to have a knowledge of the legislation in your field. Michael and the team are familiar and aware of the Acts associated with Fencing, including:

  • Neighborhood Dispute Act 2011 Qld.
  • Dividing Fences Act 2011–Fence Corp
  • Fencing Standards and Laws.

Michael has been involved and guided several Customers in difficult situations with Fencing disputes, he also has been involved in a full legal proceeding and due to his comprehensive knowledge of the Acts his work was never disputed.

Our Environmental awareness

Olive Landscaping and Fencing is a Council Approved business, approved for Landscaping/fencing, Landscaping supplies and vehicle depot. In order to obtain this level of approval from Council several Policies/ and Procedures need to be adhered too. We are an Environmentally aware business, having sustainable procedures in place including weed management, Site and Equipment Cleanliness, along with current rubbish/green waste procedures. We have Employee contracts stating these procedures so all staff are compliant on all sites at all times.

Our projects use locally sourced materials

Olive Landscaping and Fencing pride themselves on using locally sourced materials of the highest grade available. All our timber is acquired from “Newtons Sawmill & Carrying”, Waterloo Monduran. All timber is H4 treated and is over and above any standard of fencing material required. Brad and Karen Newton have been in the Timber Industry their entire career. A testimony to Newton’s Sawmill being that Qld rail have sauced their sleepers from Brad and Karen as long as we have been in business with them. It’s the best in the district, this ensures that our final product is the best in the business.