Do you do garden maintenance?

No. We only maintain large scale operations where we have completed the initial works, for example, Streetscape developments where we maintain the area until Council takes over or blocks are sold etc.

Do you install pools?

No. We do not install pools. We do however install Pool Fences.

Do you do paving?

Not as an individual job.

Yes if it is a part of a larger job.

Do you do garden edging?

We only provide garden edging services as part of a full landscape job (not as a small backyard job).

Do you mow lawns?

No. We are Landscapers and Fencers so we do not provide domestic lawn mowing services.

Are you a fencing supplier?
We supply all fencing materials for all our jobs but we do not supply fencing materials as retail. We do supply and sell soil made onsite, tested and delivered.
How far do you travel?

Depending on job type and scale our team can travel up to Central Queensland.

Are your teams familiar with onsite safety and inductions?

Yes. All staff are inducted regularly, as is relevant to the job type, Site and Customer. All staff are briefed prior to and on completion of each job daily as per WPHS practices.

Do you have insurance in place?

Yes. Olive Landscaping and Fencing has complete Public Liability Insurance for all works including Work Cover, Vehicle and Machinery Insurance. We adhere to all government legislation for our staff and business operations.