One Mile Crossing housing estate

This was a huge job, it took over 3 months to complete and then 12 months of maintenance, done when Bundaberg was is in the midst of a roaring drought, so watering was a major concern, however as we have the knowhow and the machinery we were able to build it and keep it all alive until hand over to Council.

This Job involved over 7000 meters of turf, all dug out, infilled with soil, prepped laid and rolled, and irrigated with a water truck for 12 months.

  • 700 cubic meters of topsoil.
  • 300 cubic meters of garden soil.

70 Tonnes of Rocks for rock walls all supplied from our farm here in Bundaberg, a great local source for landscape materials.

Bollards for the streetscape, street trees, all edging, irrigation, underlay, everything was done by us, Olive Landscaping.

We had 5 staff onsite for the 3 months of construction, contracted Kwik Kirb to do the edging and Hawe Earthworks did most of the Earthworks.